How Can I Help You?

Welcome! Whether you are a parent at your wits end or just want to strengthen your skills as you head into a new season (i.e. adolescence, adoption, blended family life), there is an online coaching program or in-home coaching service for you!  There are also individual coaching programs available for your teen/pre-teen. 


One on one parent and family coaching programs in 6 or 12 session formats for families of adoption, children of early trauma, or challenging children.  Format for sessions via phone or online (ie Zoom, Facetime, etc). Includes a workbook.     

neuro-feedback & in-home coaching

Provides parents and families tools to reduce conflict, enhance communication, make family life easier, and increase connection in their own homes where life actually happens!  Neuro-feedback is an optional add-on feature or stand alone service that takes place in your home. 

Amari's Story

a story of hope for parents of adopted children:

I believe there is HOPE whether you are parenting a child that you feel disconnected due to the shifting nature of adolescence or parenting a child that is rejecting you due to the effects of early trauma.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by fears that your child will never change.

Here is the story of Amari to encourage and inspire you. She has chosen the often difficult path of healing despite her wounded early childhood and is living a life of kindness and courage with hopes of being a nurse one day.


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