I have been trained specifically in parent and family coaching through the Academy for Family Coach Training, a division of Impact Coaching Academy. I have an understanding of the dynamics that challenging children bring to families (regardless of their various diagnoses) and have tools to help you grow both as a person and as a parent in the journey.   

In particular, if you are raising a child impacted by early trauma/adoption, research has shown that it is important to learn an entirely different set of teachable skills (some call "Therapeutic Parenting" skills). I am equipped to teach you these skills in addition to other tools that help you as you raise your challenging child.

During the first session, your initial desired outcomes (similar to goals) are clarified, giving us a road map for proceeding further. Sessions include checking in with your successes and challenges of the week, teaching new skills/tools, reviewing skills, implementing skills, and troubleshooting scenarios that have occurred.

Coaching clients are encouraged to be vulnerable and open-hearted. When challenging children are a part of daily family life, it is a given that parents can become extremely stressed, depressed, hopeless, angry, and make parenting decisions they may never have imagined making.  Additionally, being a Teen/Pre-Teen is difficult enough without the added stressors that come from a variety of trauma sources.  

In either case, there is no need to fear judgement from me. Coaching is meant to be an empowering and positive experience.  Laughter and humor are most welcome and appreciated as part of the coaching journey we will be on together.

The intake form is the first step towards establishing a coaching  relationship. After you have filled out the intake form which lets me know about some of the issues you are experiencing in your family, please fill out the Coaching Agreement. These forms are found on the Forms page.

Additionally, if you have any questions, I can be easily reached via phone, email, or texting.

Please note: Insurance companies do not accept parenting coaching as viable for billing. The rates above reflect cash pay rates for families. Discounts may be available for special cases such as single parents, missionary families, etc. Please don't hesitate to ask.

About Hannah

I am a parent and family coach. I like laughing with other just as crazy parents.

I also am a brain trainer using neurofeedback.

Truly I believe that in all the pain and sorrow this life brings that there is still redemption to be had, every single day and simultaneously that no one should have to travel a hard journey alone.

Iā€™m not gonna lie- I also believe that the little things like chocolate covered espresso beans and watching the Bourne Identity movie for at least the twenty-fifth time can help me get that perspective. You can read more about me here.