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Name of person filling out form:
Coaching is about assisting you to realize your full potential as a parent/family member. It is a partnership between you and your coach. Coaching is a field of professionals that may be members of the International Coaching Federation in which your coach is a member and abides by their codes. *
Coaching is not a therapy or medical treatment (which goes into diagnoses or treating medical/psychological disorders that usually deal with pasts issues). Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, though coaches and therapists often complement each other's work. It is also not merely consulting (where the answers are just given to clients in an expert manner, with a fixed agenda) though teaching and working through a workbook are often components of parent and family coaching. Because it is not medically based, it is not insurance reimburable. *
There is no guarantee for results or improvements, though the majority do find positive effects. One way this is accomplished is by working together to create goals and then developing strategies for achieving them. There will be distinct teaching included in each session and exploration of possible applications to your personal situation and goals.
You are more likely to make meaningful changes if you have clear goals, do agreed upon homework, are honest wth yourself and your coach, fill out your preparation form before each lession (found in the workbook), and value personal growth. *
Confidentiality is valued and important for the integrity of our coaching relationship. *
One on One coaching sessions are one hour (usually once a week) until the program is completed. Sessions are scheduled as far in advance as reasonable. Format of sessions are over the phone or via internet conenction (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.). Session Pricing: 12 Sessions- $600 ($50 per session), 6 Sessions- $360 ($60 per session), 1 Session: $75. *
In-Home coaching is $100 per day (or $125 per day with neurofeedback add-on). Travel days are $50 per day. You pay for all travel expenses, food, and a room to sleep in (alone). In-home coaching includes eight hour day minimum work and all workbooks. *
Invoices are sent via email and credit card payments are accepted. Payments are due before the session session is completed (unless otherwise agreed upon). A 30-minute free "Discovery" call is available to determine if coaching is appropriate for your situation as well as if we are a good fit. *
Single parents are offered half-price billing. *
If either coach or client cancels the program for any extraordinary reason, such as a major dehabilitating illness, or great incompatability together, you will be refunded the unexpended portion of the fee. We will negotiate in good faith the amount of the refund. I deeply desire to work with you intently to resolve any confusion, concerns, or difficulties as they arise. You feeling respected, appreciated, and supported is a personal value I hold to. *

Thank you! We are now ready to begin coaching!