in-home parent and family coaching

giving you the training and support you need in your own home

There's nothing more important in life than the relationships with those we love.  In today's world, it is easy for even the most competent parent to feel disconnected from their children.  

Between busy schedules, the internet, wanting to parent differently than the way you were parented, and conflicting parenting advice from a myriad of sources, parenting can be an uncertain journey.  On top of that, many parents are parenting children that have experienced early trauma/adoptions, requiring even additional supports that are markedly different than anything their friends are dealing with.  It can be isolating and confusing to be a parent.

When you are in the thick of parenting children exhibiting challenging behaviors, there's something relieving about having an in home, in the moment coach present to help you take the next steps.  It's one thing to learn material from a book or a class, but entirely another to know how it can applly to your unique family situation.

In-Home Parent and Family Coaching Provides:

  • Practical TOOLS/SKILLS/TECHNIQUES you can learn and implement immediately as family life unfolds in the moment.
  • NON-JUDGMENTAL SUPPORT from a coach with the advantage of the outside perpective (because it's so difficult to see the forest for the trees).


  • 8 (minimum) hours per day of active interaction/training
  • Workbook for each family member (age 8 and older)


  • $200 per working day
  • $100 per travel day (if an 8 hour work-day isn't possible due to long travel)
  • For locals- mileage fee if I drive to you instead of fly.
  • All airfare, meals, and lodging.  I am happy to sleep in your home in a room with no one else.  Trust me, you want me to have both a good night's sleep and a cup of coffee in the morning!
  • (Optional) Neurofeedback add-on:  One-time fee of $150 per person per map plus $50 per day for Neurofeedback sessions.  This is available February, 2018.

Hannah Grady

About Hannah

I am a parent and family coach. One of my favorite things to do is to laugh with other just as crazy parents as myself about all the wild things that happen on our parenting journeys.  My family means the world to me. I believe that in all the pain and sorrow this life brings that there is still redemption to be had, every single day and simultaneously that no one should have to travel a hard journey alone. I’m not gonna lie: I also believe that the little things like chocolate covered espresso beans and watching the Bourne Identity movie for at least the twenty-fifth time can help me get that perspective. Read more...