Raisin amazin Kids in a Disconnected World 

A coaching program for parents of adopted or early trauma children

(Note:  I offer coaching programs for parents raising non-adopted children as well- just ask!). 

This one-on- one series provides a foundation for parenting children with challenging and discouraging behaviors (specific to adoption and early trauma experiences).

Each session provides:

  • training in specific parenting tools

  • coaching support surrounding real-time challenging scenarios in your family life

It is designed specifically to bridge the gap that often widens over time between you and your child, lessen power struggles, improve communication, and increase respect.

Coaching sessions focus on specific goals (created in the beginning stages of the program) intended to promote a sense of clarity, support, and renewed hope for you as you parent.

Topics for the 12 Session Program are listed under the payment options below.


  • 6 or 12 one-hour coaching sessions (depending on the selected program length*).

  • Text and/or email support between session.

  • Workbook

*Parents choosing the 6 week program will use a condensed version of the 12 session program curriculum.

Payment Options:

12 Session Program:
One-time payment of $600 ($50/session)

6 Session Program: 
One time payment of $360 ($60/session)

One Session at a Time:


Topics for the 12 session program

Pre-Session: Setting Outcomes- goal-setting, clarifying goals, and laying foundation.

Session 1: Foundational Concepts- Understanding brain and heart changes, powerful questions skill.

Session 2: Safety and Security- Understanding non-punishment, parenting setting up for success, structure/nurture balance.

Session 3: Attunement- Understanding chronological vs. emotional age, attuning to your child's feelings, underlying needs behind behaviors, the role of anger, grief & loss. 

Session 4: Trust- Facilitating emotional regulation, dancing with resistance, staying calm and strong, alternatives to lecturing, using questions, providing empathy.

Session 5: Competency/Worthiness- Building self-worth in healthy ways, line of site supervision, high expectations plus high empathy, assigning age appropriate tasks, handling emotional dysregulation, shifting stuck and angry children.

Session 6 & 7: Specific Interventions- Spending time on specific behaviors relevant to your home.

Session 8: Choice Theory- Clarifying what is/is not in your control and the window of strategic influence. 

Session 9: Responsibility- Practical applications for encouraging responsibility with accountability in making agreements, establishing routines/chores, and determining consequences for actions.

Session 10: Listening (Reflective Listening)- Learn a way of listening that decreases escalation and increases connection.

Session 11: Respect- Increasing respectful communication, identifying character strengths in self and child, boosting positive sense-of- self, passing the 5 tests of respect, emotional attunement, window of tolerance.

Session 12: Support/Appreciate- Exploring personality and love languages in appreciating uniqueness,  Understanding supporting vs. rescuing, learning to coach your child, and effective question-asking.


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