How Can I Help You?

Welcome! Whether you are a parent at your wits end or just want to strengthen your skills as you head into a new season (i.e. adolescence, adoption, blended family life), there is an online coaching program or in-home coaching service for you!  There are also individual coaching programs available for your teen/pre-teen. 

Additionally, I am a Neurofeedback provider able to provide a Q-EEG brain map followed by both EEG and HEG brain training. I realize this sounds complicated! All that means is I can map your brain, help you understand what brain patterns your brain has, and provide two types of neurofeedback sessions to help your brain function better- the way it was originally intended to work.


One on one parent and family coaching programs in 6 or 12 session formats for families of adoption, children of early trauma, or challenging children.  Format for sessions are phone or online (ie Zoom, Facetime, etc). Includes a workbook when appropriate.     

in-home coaching

Provides parents and families tools to reduce conflict, enhance communication, make family life easier, and increase connection in their own homes where life actually happens!  Neurofeedback is an optional add-on feature or stand alone service that also takes place in your home. 

What is neurofeedback?

how brain training can benefit kids, families, and adults:

There are many beneficial tools you can utilize in helping your family overcome challenges.  One such extensively researched tool in the last 75 years is neurofeedback. 

It is a natural way for your brain to overcome patterns that result in unhealthy, frustraing, or inefficient behaviors.

It's one of the services offered for both local families (Palmdale/Lancaster, CA) and for the families I travel to.