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Neurofeedback is a completely natural, non-invasive way to change brain habits that get in the way of healthy ways of relating to others/ourselves and feeling.  It begins with a brain map (tiny stethescopes that measure electricity on around 20 parts of the brain) that, once rendered, includes a full report.  In this report, there are recommended protocols for neurofeedback.  Some parts of the brain may have habits of working too slow or too fast for optimum functioning.

By training the brain (think of it as weight training workouts for your brain), the brain can begin working more effectively without the heavy use of prescription medication, costly treatments, diagnoses, or using a pathology model. The brain over time often realizes that these new patterns are helpful, and then neurofeedback is no longer needed!

Many people see changes in a few months time if the brain is worked 2-3 times a week initially (based on the brain map recommended protocols).  

The system that I use and have received training from is called Brain-Trainer:

"Brain-trainer’s Whole-Brain Training approach to neurofeedback is based on the fact that common patterns of activation in the brain tend to be linked to specific sets of strengths and weaknesses. We are constantly tracking the work of researchers who identify such EEG patterns and adding them to our system. Our assessment tools link subjective (strengths and weaknesses) and objective (brain patterns) information to suggest training strategies. Our assessment service provides expert assistance in determining likely training strategies for your brain."

About the brain mapping: "QEEG’s record data from 20 or more standard EEG sites on the head. This is done during eyes-closed, eyes-open and task conditions. The result is a picture of how brain activation changes from resting to awareness to active processing states.  The QEEG uses an Electro-Cap to speed up hookup and recording."

You can read more about how neurofeedback may help here and then click on the subsequent links at the bottom of that page.

Neurofeedback is often an add-on service for in-home coaching but can also be a stand alone service. 


In-Home Neurofeedback Provides:

  • Brain Mapping (Takes about 30 minutes plus time to fill out a client survey online)
  • Protocols administered (this is when you get to watch youTube videos, movies, etc.  Most people enjoy these sessions!)

Pricing: (all fees are out-of-pocket expenses as this is not considered a medical treatment/non-insurance reimbursable)

  • $75 brain mapping (includes a detailed report that you keep)
  • $40 per session  "block": usually 45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on what your recommended protocols are, all based on your brain map)
  • Travel fees (vary)
  • For those utilizing in-home coaching service, neurofeedback pricing is completely different (for details, click here)

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