a one-on-one coaching program For siblings of adoptees

This series provides support for siblings of adoptees.

The family dynamics that occur when adopted siblings exhibit challenging behaviors is unique. Feeling understood is a first and important step towards moving past the "stuckness" often felt in this environment.

Coaching sessions focus on specific goals intended to promote healthy sense of self, validate the struggles of living with adopted siblings of challenging behaviors, and provide assertive communication skills.  

The coaching relationship is usually considered supportive and filled with humor (not just the serious stuff).  

There is research around the benefits and goals of coaching children.  Two such articles published by the International Coaching Federation can be found here and here.

You will receive practical tools in session and recommended action steps.  That said, take or leave anything I say! 


  • Six or Twelve @ one-hour coaching sessions

  • 30-minute parent review session

  • Text and/or email support between sessions

Six session program: $360 ($60 per session)

Twelve session program: $600 ($50 session)


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Hannah Grady

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I am a parent and family coach. I am a respite provider. I like laughing with other just as crazy parents. I especially like my Irish husband and the blended, messy family that we have. I believe that in all the pain and sorrow this life brings that there is still redemption to be had, every single day and simultaneously that no one should have to travel a hard journey alone. Iā€™m not gonna lie: I also believe that the little things like an iced white chocolate espresso and watching the Bourne Identity movie for at least the twenty-fifth time can help me get that perspective. Read more...