Given her a second chance at life

We were broken-hearted, exhausted, and terribly afraid for our daughter's future.  Hannah understood our pain and fear.  Immediately the violence and loss of control ceased.  She was able to help calm our girl down and model techniques so that we could use them effectively with her.  

I cannot emphasize enough how much trust and respect we have for Hannah.  She knows her facts, understands the kids, able to be calm and comforting in the face of a child's emotional chaos, AND produces results.  

We are grateful to have her on our team. Without her, our child would have been institutionalized and then there truly would have been no hope for her.  

Hannah has literally given her a second chance in life.

-Kelly O.

Helped restore our family

Hannah came into our lives at a time in which I was not even speaking to my teenage son.  Through the 12 week coaching program she taught us how to cope and gave us new insights and strategies that helped restore our family! 

She is incredibly wise and open.  I always looked forward to our times together.  I absolutely love her and highly recommend her coaching program.

-Carol A.

I didn't feel the need to educate

From the moment I contacted Hannah, she was an amazing resource and support to us.  For the first time, I didn't feel the need to educate or convince a professional about my daughter's severe behavior- Hannah understood. She addressed each misbehavior, held my daughter accountable, and handled it beautifully- all with a smile on her face.  It was incredible.  

At the end of our time together, I couldn't believe my eyes! She had changed drastically and was so respectful.  I wept in disbelief many times. 

The road continues to be bumpy, my daughter still struggles, but we are moving foward. Our life is no longer a living hell.  The changes that have taken place I consider to be miraculous. 

Hannah is very knowledgeable, insightful, and encouraging.  Her influence on our daughter and our family is immeasureable.

-Rebecca R.

Big game changer in our house

I felt like things were getting super crazy around our house.  Mostly me being crazy! I remembered my wonderful friend posting about Hannah's program and how it changed the dynamics in her house for the better, so I jumped in! I am so glad I did!

My favorite addition to our house (lot's of positives, but this is my absolute favorite) is the idea of coupling my responsibility requests with holding them accountable.  She taught me HOW to get this accomplished.  No joke.  This is a big game changer in our house.  

My son M actually got mad at my other son R for doing his jobs once! I also had so many "a-ha moments" and am still having them.  I can't recommend Hannah and her parenting programs enough.

-Salina P.

Hannah was able to teach our son things that he was not willing or able to learn from us

What had been nearly eleven years of anger and entitlement, we now have a soft little heart full of gratitude and love.  There are of course moments of the "old J" that surface from time to time but each and every time he quickly realizes his error and asks for forgiveness.  He restates that he likes the "new J" now.  His heart is sincere.  

Stephanie T.

Hannah was able to teach our son things that he was not able or willing to learn from us.  Our son knows and appreciates the changes he has made. The only regret we have, truly, is that we waited for so long to reach out to Hannah.

He truly believes you care about everyone

One day I had my 15 year old son with me in town and he said, "You know what, there's only one person in the world that I know that is truly genuine, that really cares about each person they meet."  I then asked him who that could be. "Well that's Miss Hannah."  So after he said that, I thought that i needed to tell you that because he TRULY believes you care about everyone.

-Beverly U.

move forward with a stronger, more open heart

In a supportive and thoughtful way, Hannah offered me tools and insights that deepened my self awareness, clarified and strengthened my parenting goals, and revealed how seemingly small successes accumulate into bigger ones.  

Her optimism is uplifting and her warm, accepting demeanor created an ideal environment for me to explore difficult matters and move forward with a stronger, more open heart.

-Cherish F.

Many "a-ha moments" for me

Parenting is hard.  So hard.  But it's also the greatest responsibility and joy of my life.  This program was packed with many "a-ha moments" for me.  I'd take it again and again.  It is information you can't hear or practice enough.  As my children approach different ages and stages in life, I know I'll hear and practice this information in new ways.  Investing in your children is the best gift you can ever give them.  Thanks so much Hannah.  Parent coaching is your gift!  

-Eryn W.

I have a new family

Thanks to the help and support of Hannah I have a "new" family.  All of my four children now have tools and strategies to use to successfully handle their choices, big feelings, and remnants from their experiences they had before they came to our family.  

My husband and I are clearly enjoying being their parents and having our family unit back intact for the first time in 7 years!

Hannah provides invaluable knowledge, support, and coaching.  Our kids have responded amazingly to her energy, kindness, and expertise!  I highly recommend your family utlizing ALL the services she has to offer as she truly helps the entire family.

UPDATE: Just wanted you to know how rapidly this child's heart is healing.  She hasn't stolen anything in possibly two months- HUGE!  She is fun to be around for all five of us (she is currently cleaning a bathroom together with her brother having a blast). 

I have heard her say "thank you" to people unsolicited and in a meaningful way over the last week that have left me in shock.  She plays appropriately with toys. She saves her money (allowance/gifts) which was unheard of when she was contstantly paying back stolen or destroyed property.  She spent her money generously and thoughtfully on her family members for Christmas.  As I look back on these photos, I see maturity, calm, and beginnings of true inward beauty to match the outward.  Just wanted to say "thank you" again.

-Shelly S.

Learning to connect more fully with our teenagers

Coaching with Hannah has been amazing! I just started her parent coaching program (three times so far) but some of my longstanding questions have already been cleared up! I love how she cares about us, prays for us, and shares her insights and faith so generously.

I'm learning reflective listening in a deeper way that also means I am learning to connect more fully with our teenagers.  It's fun!  Our daughter told me the other day, "The Miss Hannah you are talking to must be really kind!"

-Keri K.

Coaching has made the single, biggest difference in our relationship with our daughter

We adopted beautiful twin girls seven years ago and have struggled with our connection to one in particular.  We tried so many tactics to try to "get through to her" including different parenting skills and advice from friends/books/professionals.

We were spirialing in feelings of anger, frustration, and hopelessness when we were referred to Hannah.  Her expertise and coaching has made the biggest, single difference in our relationship with our daughter.  

She understood exactly what we had been going through and also understood our daughter.  We finally found someone that spoke our language.

We learned so much from Hannah in regards to our daughter's early hard experiences and the effects of that on her heart.  It was so wonderful to learn how we can begin to truly meet her needs in hopes of reaching our dear daughter's heart.

Jeb and Karly B.

Even if you're already an amazing parent, she can help you be even better

Parenting may come naturally to some people but it didn't to me.  I mean, who gets into it knowing everything they need to know?  I have made mistakes, but have done even more things right thanks to the grace of God, prayer, and Hannah Grady.  

I've leaned on her personally for years, but now she has developed a program that is so, so, so good!  She helps you where the rubber meets the road and gives you a framework to understand what your kids need from you in order to become adults that have a wonderful relationship with their parents.  

Honestly, I can't recommend her or her coaching highly enough.  Even if you're already an amazing parent, she can help you be even better.

-Myronie M.

We would be 100% broken

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the difference you've made in our lives.  I can honestly say that without your insights and support, our family wouldn't be where we are today.  I can honestly say taht we would be 100% broken.  We're finally entering into a phase where we feel like we are dealing with more "normal" issues of parenting (which is still a challenge but I don't need to tell YOU that!). I tell everyone I can about you because I can honestly say that the tips and ideas you have given us work with EVERY kid. 

-Brook D.