So hopeful for our foster daughter

I am so committed to continuing neurofeedback. It’s been 15 sessions so far and the results are so hopeful for my (foster) daughter. After the third session she was able to get tired at a reasonable time to actually fall asleep! After session eight she was able to begin sleeping through the night. After session nine my husband commented that she is overall smiling more to which she replied, “I’m just happier.” After session eleven, she is noticing feelings of being hungry which he hadn’t before. After session fourteen she is noticing precursors to anxiety and panic instead of them “just happening.” I’m excited to see what else is in store for her.

-Erin K.

Our entire family has been helped by neurofeedback

My husband says he feels more clear headed and as his wife I have noticed him more in tune with his emotions!

I feel more clear brained, calmer, and relaxed. This definitely has helped with feelings of depression and anxiety that tend to overshadow. I also notice my sleep is restorative now.

For our children, I think it has helped calm the anger down as well as improved both focus and connection.

Though neurofeedback itself is amazing, we are grateful to you for trumping everything with your godly wisdom and insights into our home dynamics. You gave direction we needed to move forward. We are grateful for you and praising God for using your time here in such a powerful way.

Maria W.

Thankful I got my brain back

I am very thankful that there is a way to get my brain back to live for God, even at my age (grandparent). I am feeling the joy of being alive and sensing a true calmness and peace of mind. Neurofeedback has also helped me at work. Just the other day I caught myself able to remember to remove an item from the receipt when I usually had to spend so much time after the fact having my boss fix the problem due to forgetting. My memory is coming back to life!

Agnes I (after 11 sessions)

I feel the shame and trauma absolving

I cannot believe the difference in my life after only five sessions of neurofeedback! It’s literally life changing! It feels like the shame of trauma is totally absolving. I’m so thankful and so happy. Also what’s way better for me is my nights. Generally when I’m traveling I cannot relax properly in a hotel bed. Since the the neurofeedback I’ve been sleeping amazingly well. I just want to say thank you so much.

Penny T.